01+02 june 2019 - Gaasterpark Amsterdam



HOSTeD BY Straight Outta Damsco (By Samsung)

PlayS On Sunday 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Starting in The Hague at 16 he decided to become a DJ when he got introduced to different sounds of music and energetic vibes at a party. He taught himself how to mix and developed his style into an urban eclectic sound in a very short period of time. After 3 years of performing at the major clubs, music venues and festivals in the Netherlands he also had gigs in Spain and Belgium. For him it’s all about the quality, mood, energy and track selection that hype up the crowd. When not performing he spends his time in the studio or goes on tour with Dutch Rappers as their show DJ. He is also teaching others how to become a DJ. And that’s not all. You will hear more from DJ Cenkson in the near future as he is also focusing on making his own music and sharpening his skills as a turntablist. Keep an eye on Cenkson and expect a shutdown!