01+02 june 2019 - Gaasterpark Amsterdam



HOSTeD BY Straight Outta Damsco (By Samsung)

PlayS On Sunday 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

‘Breakfast’ is DJ duo, consisting of two bestfriends and very experienced dj’s. In 2015 the two joined forces to create an original and innovative sound. ‘Breakfast’’ started out with a main focus on R&B and HipHop but with their exquisite taste and knowledge of a wide range of musical genres. These two not only join forces behind the decks but also share a unique story about their dj career. When Breakfast couldn’t find their way in the mostly eclectic/house scene in Amsterdam they decided they wanted to change the sound of the clubscene in Amsterdam and not only by DJ’ing and instead by starting a concept of their own. This lead to the birth of: Straight Outta Damsco and for 2 years straight they have been selling out Amsterdam’s biggest nightclub Air. After the successes of Straight Outta Damsco they further developed their talents and got a job as head programmers of the weekly Thursday at Air Amsterdam where they single handedly created successful party concepts with some of the biggest artist of the Netherlands like; Bizzey, Yung Felix, Idaly, Bokoesam and more. After only two years developing their own parties, unique sound and special personalities Breakfast have become an underground succes.